Data Analysis Plan

You might be required to submit your plan for analysis at the proposal stage of your project. We will dovetail, in a coherent manner, the analytical techniques, and the research objectives in a document that describes how you intend to handle your data analysis.

It is always advisable to create an analysis plan prior to the data analyses. Never start data collection until you have almost a complete idea of how you will analyze the data collected. A fine analysis plan contains a terse description of the research question and the various steps in the analysis and ensures that the analysis will be undertaken in a targeted manner. Let us plan with you as we inject our statistical knowhow in the process.

Revisions of the research questions and the analyses are frequent during data analysis because certain options may not have been clear prior to the start of data analysis - the analysis plan serves as the starting point.

The analysis plan should at least describe which statistical techniques are to be used during data analysis, and briefly justify the methods in terms of how they suit the type of data in case any unconventional methods will be applied. The following considerations, among others, are usually made in this process of developing an analysis plan:

  1. Which population/subgroups is/are to be included in the analyses?
  2. Which dependent and independent variables are to be used in the analyses and how are the variables supposed to be analyzed - continuous or in categories?
  3. Which variables are to be investigated as potential confounders or effect modifiers and how are these variables supposed to be analyzed?
  4. How to deal with missing values?
  5. Which analyses are to be carried out in which order? For instance, univariate analyses, multivariate analyses, interaction effects and analysis of sub-populations.

Making the above decisions may not be trivial when developing the analysis plan, because you may have less familiarity with research methodologies and analytical techniques, and this is where we come in. Share your challenges with us and we will aid you in working out proficient solutions to them.