Data Management

Do you have several data sources to be queried in order to construct a comprehensive analytical data file? We are well versed in dealing with small to large data files and shaping them up to enable further analyses to be applied without much effort on your side. Let us do the data management for you, contact the professionals who have mountains of cutting-edge experience in data handling.

The DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge defines data management as the development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets. Well, this definition is clearly broad. We have narrowed the scope of our data management service to deal with just appetite but equally important part in the whole process; enhancing already collected data so that information can readily be extracted from it through analysis.

What we define as our data management service involves:

  • File merging – bringing together data from several sources so that they can be related in the analysis stage. It might include adding variables from different source to the index data set or adding more cases to it. This is normally a sensitive proceed that can go wrong if not executed well.
  • Consistency checks –This involves examining each variable and ensuring that the recorded values are within acceptable ranges or take acceptable values. It also involves relating the variables and teasing out cases where for instance a response was illicitly given if checked against the skip pattern in the data collection tool.
  • Variable Recoding/coding –converts sequence information automatically from its original text format into a numerical format for ease of analysis and interpretation of results. This almost always goes with variable labelling and value labelling.
  • Reshaping –sometimes the way data is originally recorded make it not to be directly assimilated in the analysis or by some specific analytical techniques. Converting the data to long or wide format or event transposing might be necessary.
  • Computing new variables - Some situations might require new set of variables to be generated from the original ones through the application of simple to complex criteria.
  • We are happy to help with your data management. Contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you.