Problem Statement

Research and Development proposals are generally triggered by a problem. The connection between the problem statement and heart of the proposal is obvious. However, the process for curving out problem statements remain ignored altogether consequently leading to a research problem statement devoid of structure, succession, material and rationale.

The components of a concise problem definition process entail the establishment of two or more interacting factors that lead to a confounded situation with poor or undesireable outcomes, relating the problem to its source and justifying the need to find answers to the problem. Defining the problem clearly upfront is a real aid to the idea creation and problem solving process that follows.

We recognize the challenge faced when defining the problem statement. Our experts will work with you to mould your idea into a form that is specific, tenable, and testable statistically if required. This includes help in defining study hypothesis.

We follow guidelines that work in almost every situation. The first step is writing the problem in its current state which entails describing who, what and how the problem affects, when and where it is actually a problem. The second step in coming up with a problem statement is a replica of the first step but with focus on the desired future state. Thirdly, the current and future states are combined into a concise paragraph that is evaluated in the backdrop of the following; focused on one problem, does not suggest a solution but outlines how the solutions to the problem will be researched.

Contact us with your situation and we will brainstorm with you to refine your question.