Statistics Training

Do you need to sharpen your skills in statistics? We can help you understand concepts that would otherwise be elusive without support from a professional.

Many self-directed learners are working towards gaining new skills, knowledge, and attitudes that impact positively on their work performance. Others are involved in self-directed learning to improve family life and health, participate in a leisure pursuit, or simply increase their intellectual capital. Part of what you might need to improve could be your statistical/analytical skills.

We recognize that learning statistical/mathematical subjects is not trivial. Some ideas are better grasped by discussing the hurdles with a statistician compared to taking a sole approach. Statistics training is part of what we are experienced in doing!

Among the areas we can guide you in include but not limited to:

  1. Descriptive and basic statistics
  2. Simple and multiple regression techniques
  3. Logistic regression
  4. Probability theory
  5. Hypothesis testing
  6. Mixed/hierarchical modelling
  7. Survival analysis
  8. Factor analysis
  9. Use of popular statistical software e.g. STATA, R, SPSS

Students can also take advantage of our statistics training service to seek help/guidance on their statistical/mathematical tasks.

Contact us whenever you require this service and we are sure to give the best there is in the market.