Dissertation or thesis statistics data analysis help

Why would you need dissertation help?

PhD and graduate students, especially those who are not trained as statisticians, might have difficulty understanding basic and advanced statistics required to analyze data for a dissertation in their specific subject areas. Nonetheless, data analysis is an essential part of your dissertation since it enables you to interrogate and present your data in the most appropriate way so as to answer the research questions in your dissertation. You therefore need statistical dissertation help to choose the right technique for data analysis and to get help in interpreting the results of the analysis in context and properly.

How can we help in dissertation analysis/statistics?

We are experts in a wide range of topics. Our statisticians can provide dissertation consultation on a variety of basic to advanced statistical methods including but not limited to: Descriptive analysis, Simple and Multiple linear/non-linear regression, Poisson regression, Survival analysis, Analysis of variance, categorical data analysis, longitudinal data analysis techniques such as generalized estimating equations, hierarchical linear model and time-series analysis. We can assist at various stages including:

  1. The development of statistical hypotheses for your dissertation.
  2. Performing statistical analysis, with rationale provided for each choice of analytical method.
  3. Interpretation of the results.

How to buy the dissertation analysis/statistics service

We are happy to be of service to you! Please upload (Order form) the following items for our review and provide information on your deadline:

  1. The project description/background and objectives of the dissertation
  2. The data to be used, including a candid description of the variables
  3. Any other relevant information for our consideration

Once you upload the documents you will be redirected to make a deposit of USD$450. This amount is the bare minimum and flat rate for any data dissertation analysis work. We will then review your order briefings and get back to you in case we need further information, clarifications or additional pay for your dissertation. However, over 80 percent of orders we receive do not require any additional cost above the flat rate. The statistical analysis will then be performed according to agreed terms and written up in a concise report to be appended with other parts on your dissertation to make a complete document for submission.